Police Officer Training – The Good and the Bad

Entering the police force is not as easy as it seems. An individual has to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit in order to be considered eligible for entering into the police training program. Every candidate must fulfill some educational requirements to secure a position in the police force. Although every state has a different educational requirement, a high school diploma is a must for every candidate wishing to be endowed with the responsibility of a police officer. Some states also require a related bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite.

On the other hand, there are certain physical and behavioral standards that must conform to by the ideal candidate. A candidate must be of at least 21 years of age and possess a clean criminal record. Apart from being a citizen of United States, the candidate must pass the written exam as well as physical and psychological exam.

Once an individual is selected in the police force, he has to undergo training at a police academy. This training spans over a period of around 26 weeks. There are many aspects of this training that can be quite enduring and exhaustive. Firstly, every cadet has to undergo an extensive class-based and field training. During class room training, you will be trained and instructed on courses such as firearm skills, various laws, self-defense, basic first aid, ethics, use of weapons, stress management, patrolling techniques, mediation and conflict management skills, problem solving, computers and information systems, investigation techniques, collecting and preserving evidence etc. These subjects might be boring for some individuals.

The field training involves going out in the field with officers and getting to learn on job, gaining more expertise in the career path of being a police officer. There are certain particular standards and decorum that has to be followed during training. Every police cadet has to follow a schedule. Waking up early is a norm which comes along with physical exercise and games at different time of the day. This is a routine that has to be followed consistently after induction in the police force. The training also involves being prepared for emergencies during all times. Some might find it a tough life to cope with whereas some may accept the challenges the job may bring to put them on trials

Hence, it is through the course of police training that you are able to decide with clarity of thoughts and ideas whether or not you will be able to do justice to the profession by being a police officer.

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