Online Police Training Academy

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There’s no way to simulate a vehicle pursuit situation via the internet or a felony stop scenario for that matter. Online law enforcement courses are a bit hilarious if you ask me. The only way to benefit from being a police academy graduate is to actually attend P.O.S.T training center in your respective state.

I know this is an era where everything is instant, and I know you can even get your high school diploma online, but in this situation you can not substitute life or death training over the internet. You’ll have to be physically present in order to benefit from the defensive tactics training, firearms training, traffic stop training, First responder/first aid training, EVOC and much more.

You can get a general overview of the criminal justice academy online, but as far as getting a competitive edge over someone just because you graduated from an online police academy won’t do much for you.

The one thing that you can do online is study up on course exams that you’ll have to pass at the criminal justice police academy. You see when you attend a police academy in your respective state you’ll be required to pass course exams like criminal law, traffic law, and more. The only thing that can help you with these course exams is a police academy preparation guide or a law enforcement academy review guide. All the other crap can’t and won’t help you.

In conclusion if you want to become a police officer as quickly as possible go ahead and self sponsor yourself to the law enforcement academy. Doing it online will not do squat for you.

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